2018 Festival Guests will be listed here as the event date gets closer


Past festival guests have included:

Alfred on crane

Alfred Hitchcock on Leviathan 32′ camera crane

No, Alfred Hitchcock did not make it to the festival but you might feel his presence near Leviathan, a 32′ Camera Crane built by Universal Studios and used by Alfred Hitchcock on films like”PSYCHO” & “THE BIRDS”. The Camera Crane makes a showing every year for photo ops. and demonstrations.



 Joseph Scott Morgan

Morgan has appeared, for the past 4 years, on both Headline News and CNN as the on-air forensics expert. Joseph was featured regularly on the hit HLN program “After Dark”.  During the last 14 months of Nancy Grace’s tenure at HLN, he appeared 54 straight weeks. He also appeared as the forensics expert on the CNN prime-time special “Jon Benet Ramsey: What Really Happened”.
In 2013 Morgan was named “Georgia Author of the Year” for his memoir entitled “Blood Beneath My Feet: The Journey of a Southern Death Investigator”.


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Bob Sheen

Bob is the newest member to a famous Hollywood lineage extending from his Grandfather
Martin, his Uncle Emilio and his father Charlie. At seven years old he wrote and directed his first short film entitled, ‘The Rake”.



Erik Fleming

Fleming was previously co -executive producer of TLC’s Texas Cheer Moms and The Psychic Next Door. He worked on The Surreal Life, was a director/producer on America’s Funniest Home Videos,and a producer on Bravo’s Queer Eye for The Straight Girl. He directed the indie features My Brother the Pig (Scarlett Johansson,Eva Mendes)and Bad Trip (Kevin Connolly)


Untitled 4 fri 13th

Deborah Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Part V.

Voorhees’s 40-minute short “CATCHING UP” will screen at the festival and has inspired her next feature film. The List, a horror comedy that is in pre-production. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival”


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Alan Howarth – From scores to special sound effects, from Halloween stalkers to STAR TREK, Alan Howarth’s electronic imagination has contributed to some of the biggest genre films of the ’80s. Alternately wearing the hats of both composer and sound effectsman, Howarth has collaborated with John Carpenter on the music from nearly all of his movies starting with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK; he’s provided sound design and effects for POLTERGEIST, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, all the STAR TREK movies, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, Coppola’s DRACULA, TOTAL RECALL, STARGATE and many more… As a composer, he’s scored all or part of all the HALLOWEEN films.



Marlon Schulman

Founder & CEO HEF
“Funding/Investing in Horror Doesn’t Have to be a SCARY Experience – Only the Project Does.” ™



Tyler Mane, Actor/Producer Mane Entertainment

Tyler is best known for his roles as,  Sabretooth, Wolverine’s foe, in the big-screen version of the Marvel comic “X-Men” and playing the iconic role of Michael Myers in the last two Rob Zombie remakes of  “Halloween”.

“What a great weekend of networking and screenings and sharing our love of filmmaking! We came away from the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival feeling like we suddenly had a much larger family. Can’t wait to get back!!”

-Tyler Mane- Actor (Michael Meyers in the movie Halloween)


jeff bur

Jeff Burr, Director

A legend in the horror genre. Jeff’s credits include, “Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III”, “Stepfather II”, “Straight Into Darkness,” and “Pumpkinhead II and many more

“Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival is all about the filmmakers, as a filmmaker it’s one you don’t want to miss.


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Leslie Easterbrook, Actress

The Devil’s Rejects , Police Academy and Halloween


Eileen Dietz Print

Eileen Dietz, Actress Exorcist/Constantine/Planet of the Apes…

The Demon who possesses Regan in The Exorcist, also the Emmy-winning Helter-Skelter where she was one of the Manson Gang.

“I have been a guest speaker at many, many film festivals and I gotta tell you all, The Hot Springs Horror Film Festival 2013 was !!@!$&!!ing fantastic. I had such an awesome time. Every short film and feature were of the utmost quality and so much fun as were the Filmmakers with whom I made lasting friendships.  I can’t say enough about the fantastic hosts. the incomparable Tamara Glynn and the always gracious and organized Bill Volland. I cannot wait for October to see everyone again.

-Eileen Dietz- Actress (Exorcist, Constantine)


Ted Hatfield

Ted Hatfield, Special Marketing for Regal Cinemas, Edwards Cinemas, and United Artists Theaters.



Patrick Rea, Writer/Director

Patrick is a festival favorite, officially selected for his short films the past 2  years, he recently directed one (“Howl of a Good Time”) during the film festival. Filmmakers and festival goers had a chance to participate in the production.  Watch for it and more from this extraordinary director. “Howl of a Good Time” premiered at the 2015 film see the teaser for “Howl of a Good Time” go  (and visit the events page)


puppet master MV5BMjcyODg4ODI1Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDAzMzM5Nw@@._V1_SX214_

David  Schmoeller, Writer/Director

Crawlspace (1986), Ghost Town (1988) and Catacombs (1988) for Empire Entertainment and the cult classic Puppetmaster (1989) (V) for Paramount Pictures one of the most successful franchise horror films ever made…David currently is a professor of film at UNLV.



Justin Beahm, Writer/Director.

“Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival (HSHFF) is a celebration of genre cinema by filmmakers for filmmakers. Located in one of Arkansas’ most treasured historic regions, HSHFF places special emphasis on education, in addition to showcasing quality independent motion pictures.”

-Justin Beahm- Fangoria Magazine


Hot Springs CF Poster

Renea Geerlings, Actress/Producer

“We had such a great time at last year’s event, and I’m thrilled to co-host the 2014 Hot Springs Horror Film Festival with Tamara! I can’t wait to share our excitement for, and love of, the genre with each and every guest!”

– Renae Geerlings – Actress


after hours club for hot springs

Special guest Keith Schulenberg show creator and executive producer


Tim Edwards, Music Composer for Film & TV.


Bart Mast

Bart Mastronardi, Professor of Cinematography at the New York Film Academy.


Frank Sorrentino, Actor



Felissa Rose, Actress

Angela in the cult film Sleepaway Camp


John Thomassen, Actor 


John Burton, Scareologist


Bill Volland & Gene Sive

Gene Sive, Director of Photography and Vampire Hunter



AAT Fest Poster FINAL small

 Jim Brennan,  Producer/An American Terror

“Hot Springs Horror was one of the festival highlights for “An American Terror”. Although we screened at many festivals, very few reached out to us in the personal way that HSHFF did. It was a refreshing dose of humanity in year of often impersonal interactions. They had a great line up in a fantastic environment.”

-Jim Brennan-  Producer



Lesleh Donaldson, Actress

Running” playing Michael Douglas’ daughter Andrea Andropolis, “Happy Birthday To Me,” “Friday the 13th TV Series“, “Tales of Poe”


madison county

Eric England, Writer/Director

A native of Arkansas CONTRACTED” & “MADISON COUNTY”.



Andy Van Roon,  Chairman/GM of FILM-COM

Financing & Distribution Market, an international film, television and documentary market focusing on projects in development that need completion funding or newly completed projects seeking distribution.



Alan Rowe Kelly, Director and genre star

15 years in the horror industry and Executive Producer of SouthPaw Pictures, he has produced and directed 4 features, most recently “GALLERY OF FEAR”

“I’m thrilled and honored to join the exciting panel of guests at the 2013 Hot Springs Horror Film Festival”

Alan Rowe Kelly- Director

_______ many more…

HSHFF would like to thank all of our guests past and present.