October 23rd-26th 2014

at the Historic Central Theater 

in Hot Springs National Park, AR.

The Hot Springs Arts & Film Institute 

presents the     

Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival


In 2013 the first annual Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival made a positive impact on hundreds of filmmakers, while entertaining audiences and inspiring community participation. The festival screened incredible films in the Horror,Thriller and Sci-Fi genres and brought together Filmmakers, Fans & guests including : Actor Tyler Mane, known for his roles as “Michael Myersin Rob Zombieʼs “HALLOWEEN” films and “Sabertoothin the “Marvel Comicʼs Movie X-MEN.” Actress Eileen Dietz known for her roles in “THE EXORCIST,”PLANET OF THE APES,” HELTER SKELTER,” and “CONSTANTINE.” Horror film Director Jeff Burr, directed films like “LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III,” “STEPFATHER II,” and “PUMPKINHEAD II.” Writer/Director David Schmoeller, with credits that include “CRAWLSPACE,” “GHOST TOWN,” “CATACOMBSand the cult classic “PUPPETMASTERfor Paramount Pictures. Arkansas own Eric England Writer/Director, his recent films include “CONTRACTED” and “MADISON COUNTY,” The list of amazing guests in 2013 went on and on…


The HSHFF CREW would like to thank all the guests, sponsors and everyone who helped support the Festival in 2013. 

Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival 2014

The 2nd annual Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival is set to bring together filmmakers, fans and horror fanatics for a fright-festive 4 days packed full of films from all over the world. Hot Springs rich history makes it a popular tourist destination for most of the year, but from October 23rd through the 26th, it will be host to insidious indie films, blood spattered scream queens and movie monsters.

Hosted by filmmakers for filmmakers, the festival is dedicated to helping promote aspiring and talented filmmakers. HSHFF offers film screenings, educational panels, networking opportunities, workshops, celebrity guests and more… (filmmakers enter your film on withoutabox.com)

The institute’s mission is to inspire, educate, & promote talented filmmakers & artists from around the world while providing opportunities fornetworking, exhibition, and a unique venue for the public to experience films on the “Big Screen.”


…thank you sponsors from 2013 the American Red Cross, FEARNET, Daufenbach Camera, FILM-COM, sCare foundation 




Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival  includes film submissions from around the globe, special screenings from guests as well as panel discussions, a film competition, awards, reception and more… As a filmmaker you’ll get insider information on the business of production and attendees will get a chance to ride “Leviathan” the 32′ Camera Crane, built in the early  1900′s by UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and used by the legendary Director Alfred Hitchcock (“PSYCHO, THE BIRDS…”)


Dare to experience the THEATER of HORROR Designed by Scareologist John Burton & Art Director Bill Volland.

This “hybrid of a horror amusement” is part Movie, part Play, and part “walk through” Haunted Attraction.

Experience the THEATER of HORROR in October 2014. (Theater of Horror is a fundraiser for the Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival)

Hot Springs Arts & Film Institute is a non profit Institute.


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 Ticket Prices

  • 25.00 Full Day pass  at the door good for entry to all films (1 Day) on that day.
  • 75.00 Full Festival pass at the door good for entry to all films (4 days) during festival hours
  • Filmmaker Pass (free to filmmakers who’s film screens) entry to all (4 days) films during festival
  • 100.00 Festival VIP Pass at the door good for entry to all (4 days) filmmaker reception, films, workshops and the VIP seating and lounge areas during regular festival hours
  • Studio Executive Pass for Sponsors all inclusive
  • 20.00 THEATER of HORROR (Every Thursday – Sunday, October – November 2nd. Showtimes start at 6:00pm and run every hour, last show starts at midnight. Oct 23rd – 26th due to the film festival there is only one showing per night, starting at midnight.

The International Hot Springs Horror Film Festival or HSHFF is an independent film festival was conceived with the idea that “filmmakers know films and that edgy talented filmmaking will inspire, amaze and educate. We recognize and promote a variety of films in the “Horror” genre. HSHFF will screen and honor some amazing films in the horror genre, it’s fantasy and thrills mixed with intrigue and slashers will keep you on the edge of your seat…



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